Flow on the Go  

  • CUDA
  • C++
  • ARM Neon

Fast, accurate optical flows on mobile GPUs.

A design and implement an optical flow algorithm targeted at a 7.5W TDP mobile system, capable of processing 4K resolution frames in realtime, 24 fps.

We achieve a 1,250x speedup over OpenCV by using optimized GPU kernels, multithreading, and fine-grained memory management.

Award winner at the 2017 Carnegie Mellon Parallelism competition.

Touch Calculator  

  • Python
  • macOS

Vector-based handwriting recognition engine.

Machine learning driven touchpad calculator, using a novel, vector-based feature detection algorithm.

Awarded 4th place at the Fundamentals of Programming and Computer Science showcase.


My configuration files

Emacs, zsh, vim, tmux, and many more.


  • Javascript

Beautiful resumes. No headaches.

Write a yaml file. Outputs a pdf. No Adobe products needed. Looks better too.